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The terrain in Germany consists of lowlands in the north along the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, rising to uplands in central Germany, and finally to the Bavarian Alps in the south.  Most rivers in Germany flow northward.

Germany relief map
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Albrechtsburg castle on the Elbe River, Meissen, Germany A lowland plain that makes up about one-third of Germany is located in the country's northern region.  This area, which is part of the North European Plain, is so vast that it extends all the way to Russia.  Made up of pasture, croplands, heaths, and marshland, this area is also home to the Elbe River and its tributaries.

Okertalsperre in the Harz Mountains The central region of Germany is a highland area comprised of heavily wooded forests and hills that span from France to the Carpathians.  The Harz Mountains, the highest peaks in this area, are located in the northern part of the central uplands.  The valleys in the north are fertile, and are home to crops such as sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, and barley.  Vineyards, as well as the fields that cultivate hops used in German beer, are also common here.

The southern part of Germany is known for its forests and mountains.  The Rhine River flows through this region, just east of the Black Forest, a heavily wooded mountainous area that separates Germany from France along its southwestern border.  In the southeast, the Danube Valley, the Bavarian Plateau, and finally the Alps, separate Germany from Austria.

snowy evergreen trees in the Black Forest, Germany
Snow-covered Evergreen Trees - Black Forest, Germany

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